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Selling your home can be a very frustrating situation. At times, you may already be stressed over the reasons why you need to sell the home in the first place and at other times, it is just the waiting that is necessary to sell the property that will put you on edge. If you are trying to sell your Friendswood home, there are options available that would allow you to sell it quickly and easily. All you need to do is pick up the telephone and contact the friendly individuals at Capital Plus, and you can be well on your way to selling your property in a short amount of time.

Some of the frustration that is associated with selling your property is in the amount of time that it typically takes to do so. Perhaps you have had a house on the market before, and it can certainly take a year or longer before somebody becomes interested in what you are offering and will make an offer on the home itself. Of course, just because they make an offer does not mean that it is going to sell, so it can certainly be a frustrating situation, indeed.

When you use Capital Plus as your Friendswood home buyer, you do not need to worry about the timing of the situation. In fact, we are often able to get your home to the closing table within a matter of days, which is amazing, considering the length of time that it takes to use more traditional means. Of course, it is not only the timing that makes us a very convenient choice for buying your property, it is the fact that we care about you as an individual and want to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.

The smoothness of the sale is seen in the cash offer that we make on the property. That's right, we don't worry with going through traditional lending institutions to provide the money for your property, we are a well-funded business. Each offer that we make on properties in your area or throughout the state of Texas is for cash. In that way, we don't need to wait for the lending institution to get their act together, we simply fill out the necessary paperwork and move right to the closing table.

You will also find it convenient to get a cash offer on your home because it puts the money in your hand very conveniently as well. All that is really necessary for you to do is to come to the closing, which will be set up at a time and location that is convenient for you. The necessary paperwork will be available for you to sign and you can walk out of the closing with cash in your hand. It really is an excellent feeling when you have that type of power, and we provide the power for you in the work that we do.

Of course, there are options available, but we are the top option for a number of different reasons. First of all, we are not new to the area and have been purchasing homes in the state of Texas for more than 30 years. In addition, we don't just limit ourselves to purchasing homes that are considered "ugly", we buy any homes in Texas, regardless of their size, condition or location. That is why we are considered to be the premier resource for purchasing homes, but we also offer another service that you may want to consider as well.

Since we routinely purchase homes in Friendswood and in other locations throughout the state of Texas, we also have an inventory of homes that we make available for individuals as well. These homes have been fixed and repaired, many times including new flooring, kitchen cabinets and any plumbing or electrical work that is needed to get them up to speed. We are very experienced at doing this, and it is something that takes place with every home that we purchase. If you need to buy a home in Texas or in Friendswood, you can contact us for more information on what we have to offer.

At Capital Plus, we want to take care of your needs. By filling out the form on our website or contacting us through our toll-free telephone number, you will be able to speak to a professional that can get the ball rolling. From that point, we can be to your home within 24 hours to inspect the property and to provide you with the cash offer that you use to your benefit.

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For almost 25 years, Capital Group has been a leader in owner financing single family residences to low to moderate income families throughout the State of Texas. Our homes are completely restored to bring pride of ownership to our customers. We also offer loan processing and servicing to investors and banks throughout the state.