CG Sells Homes as-is If the Borrower Wants to Remodel Themselves

Remodeling the Home before You Move in

buy as-is and remodel it yourself 

When you use Capital Plus to purchase a home in the state of Texas, as we have many homes available in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, you have options that are open to you. Many of our customers appreciate that their new home that has already been renovated and is ready for them to move in. Although we recognize that this can be a very convenient option, we also understand that some of our customers are interested in doing the remodel on their own. If you are handy, and would like to take care of the remodeling without our intervention, you can discuss this with us. Of course, we make sure that we purchase homes that are right for you. How is this done?

When we purchase homes, we first go see the property and look at the potential that it has. We recognize the fact that not all of our customers are going to want to do the renovations on the home so there are many times when we must do them. These renovations can include carpeting, painting and installing kitchen cabinets as well as upgrading the plumbing and electrical systems in the home. We always look at the value of the home as far as what it can be, not simply what it is at the time. If you contact us in advance, we will avoid doing any of the renovations so that you can take care of it on your own.

Purchasing Homes in Desirable Areas

You will be happy to know, we purchase homes in desirable areas throughout Texas and we do so because we want our customers to be comfortable. These homes are perfect for the first-time homebuyer but there are also many other benefits, including homes that are going to be right for flipping or if you already owned homes in the past. This is perfect for somebody that wants to do their own renovation, because with the home in a desirable area, it is going to be easier to sell.

If you are interested in doing your own renovations, contact us on the telephone or by filling out our convenient web form. We would be happy to provide you with additional information on the homes that are available so that you can begin doing the renovations after you purchase them.

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