Investment Highlight

Abundant Supply in Prime Locations

The Company’s properties are located throughout Texas, which includes the counties of Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, Bexar, McLennan, Bell, Galveston, and Fort Bend. As of November 2011, the Company had over 350 remodeled houses sold to new buyers.

With one of the strongest economies in the country, Texas offers a welcoming business climate, an abundant and educated workforce from its world-class research and educational institutions, attractive housing costs and excellent schools. In addition, all of the Company’s properties are located near mass transit, shopping malls and desirable school districts.

Highly Effective Business Model

CPI’s acquisition model, developed over the last 20 years, focuses on homes that can be purchased and remodeled for no more than 60% of its ARV. Then, the Company utilizes its proven marketing strategy to generate numerous leads for potential buyers. Among other methods employed to attract buyers, the Company displays “For Sale” signs in the front yards, sends direct mailers to surrounding areas and advertises in several local newspapers.

CPI spends a considerable amount of time and effort building a list of buyers in each of its target markets, ensuring that each home is sold quickly and efficiently. The Company maintains strong profitability by adhering to stringent origination standards, maintaining strong customer relationships and accumulating deep market expertise.

Easily Scalable

CPI’s management team has identified several other regions within Texas (adjacent to the Company’s current operating region) to be prime expansion targets. CPI’s history demonstrates its ability to leverage existing processes and market knowledge to grow the portfolio and expand geographically.

Established Network of Real Estate Service Providers

The Company has long-term relationships with banks, title companies, and outside contractors, such as remodeling crews. CPI’s relationship with its lending partners has enabled it to increase its lines of credit each year and it currently has a total credit line of over $34 million.

Experienced, Proven Management Team

CPI’s team of executive officers, responsible for day-to-day management of the business, has successfully navigated through an unprecedented recession, growing revenue from $4 million in 2001 to an estimated $14.7 million in 2011. With an experienced team of remodeling contractors and tighter internal controls, the firm has been able to develop a more efficient execution model, with turnaround times on remodels as low as 2 weeks and fewer delinquent payments.

Complementary Product Offerings Provide Significant Growth Potential

While real estate lending is the mainstay of the business, the Company provides complementary product offerings, such as tax lending, and expects to begin providing insurance services. Recently, the Company began offering tax lending services to its borrowers to enhance its interest income and capitalize on a significant market need for its current customer base. Interest rates charged on tax loans are typically upwards of 11%. These loans will allow the Company to provide home owners a method to pay their property taxes in a timely manner through a loan payment instead of a year-end payment that the customer might not be able to make.



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