The importance of having bilingual closers

    Bilingual closers to get you processed fast 

    The world has certainly become a lot smaller in recent years. This is especially seen in larger metropolitan areas, where a wide variety of languages are spoken by those in the area. When you go to the closing table, you want to make sure that everything is understood and that there are not any questions that exist, because of a language barrier. When you use Capital Plus to purchase a new home, we will use title companies that have bilingual closers available, if the need should arise.

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    Working with the Hispanic culture in DFW

    At CPI we advertise on hispanic television 

    In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are a number of cultures available and many Hispanic individuals live in the area. Those individuals are often interested in getting into a new home, and they often turn to Capital Plus in order to do so. In the DFW Metroplex, we run advertising on Hispanic television in order to find those that are interested in getting into a new property, letting them know that we have options that are available to them. This is often of help, because it could be difficult to get into a property through more conventional means because of the language barrier.

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  • Have you seen our billboards?

    When you choose Capital Plus to purchase a home, you are using a quality service that has been actively purchasing homes and selling them since 1992. We have our main office in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but we also have satellite offices elsewhere, including one in Houston. Because of the degree of service that we provide for our customers, we have become very popular and we always want you to be comfortable with the home that you purchase from us. In order to further expand our services, we have put billboards in the DFW and Houston areas. These are there to alert individuals to the fact that we pay cash for homes and that, if you happen to be looking for a home for yourself or your family, we have options that are available.

    If you saw one of our billboards in Houston or the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are interested in selling your home, you would benefit by knowing more about the process. You can contact us on the telephone or fill out the form on our website, after which we will come to your property and make you a cash offer. By assisting you with all the paperwork that is necessary to sell your home quickly and effectively, we will cut down on the amount of time that is necessary before closing. All that is necessary for you to do is to show up the closing table and walk away with cash in hand.

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    We purchase homes over $100k

    At CPI we do occasionally buy homes over $100,000 

    Have you heard about Capital Plus? If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or if you live in the Houston area, you have likely seen information about our service in the form of a billboard or television advertisement. We buy homes throughout the state of Texas but we concentrate, at this time, on the areas where we have our offices. Although we are always interested in purchasing quality homes, there are times when we will purchase homes that are more expensive and sell them on the conventional market. This has benefited many individuals who were looking for a home in this price range, but it is not our key business model.

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    Following the Dodd/Frank underwriting criteria

    At CPI we follow the Dodd/Frank underwriting criteria 

    The Dodd/Frank laws, which are relatively new, affect almost every area of financing. This is especially true of financial institutions that handle properties and the sale of real estate. When you use Capital Plus to purchase a home in the state of Texas or if you are selling a home to Capital Plus for cash, you can be certain that we are going to follow the regulations that are necessary and that govern our type of business. We also conform to the laws when it comes to underwriting the loan. The Dodd/Frank laws do cover that part of our business, and we do what is necessary to stay in compliance.

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